Humpty Dumpty spat on the wall,

Finding what we miss in every call,

The wall answered before the mighty fall,

When you stand together, you stand tall.

Humpty Dumpty disagreed and had a brawl,

They no longer played together with the ball.

Let us take an off the tangent view at everyday things. Let us just for kicks look at things in a different and not so “normal” way. Everyday happenings, events, “coincidences”.

Do you think there is a universal spoof being orchestrated on us? Some sort of a grand theft being carried out to steal little moments off our lives?

Imagine a day, when everything went along as if you were the director of the movie called life. Imagine it for a moment, how many retakes would you foster in your head to make it just perfect. And just when you are ready to roll, lights, camera, action. The universal spook begins to ghost direct your movie. All your dream sequences, randomly yet methodically, disrupted. Leaving you frustrated and at your wits end.

Does it feel irritating? If so, relax this was just a dream movie sequence. Not your “real” life.

What happens to your “real” life is worse.

You wake up with simple and achievable thoughts about a day. Thoughts so simple that they give you happiness, joy and contentment. But all of a sudden, some pieces are moved, wires switched, cards swapped. Your simple plans go for a toss.

Do you let this pass by as merely as a normal pattern of life? The way things are. Be subservient to the thought that we can’t control these things? That these obstructions happen randomly and have no “read between the lines” message.

Well as I urged, let us take a different view at life. Let us look at a day in the life of Mr Humpty.

“Humpty wanted to spend the whole of Saturday with his friend Dumpty. Humpty was feeling a deepened sense of having to share his feelings with Dumpty. This was very important to Humpty, yes it was. It was a deep craving. The entire day with Dumpty on the wall. It was all planned and agreed.

Come Saturday morning, Dumpty gave Humpty a call that he was to go meet another friend and will not be able to make it to the wall in the first half of the day.

Crack in the sky. Humpty’s craving quashed. Humpty felt that someone was trying and succeeding in parts to make sure Humpty didn’t live his day as planned. That someone was conspiring against his will to share his heart out to Dumpty on that day. He needed a full day with Dumpty for it to work for him. But now half the day was lost.

Humpty and Dumpty met in the evening at the wall. Humpty was irritated, Dumpty was confused.

The moment was almost gone, but Humpty tried to empty his heart . Just when Humpty was about to share his deepest feelings, concerns, it was nearly time to go. The rules of the world, its late, gotta go home. Again the intruder stealing away Humpty’s life.

When there were only a few minutes remaining for them of the evening. Humpty got a call on his cell, it was home calling, again those last few minutes too stirred.

And this joke continues, day after day, years at length. One day it is reason x, the other day reason y. It continues. Like a sick experiment.”

The above “day in the life of Humpty” might appear ordinary, so what’s the point, what’s the message kind of story. But the fact is that this happens to each one of us. Our little moments stolen. We don’t realize it. Like dishonest servant, who steals silverware behind the back for years. And when we get old, the thief becomes a robber. Barges in our lives and takes what’s rightfully ours at gun point.

Damn. I don’t know why I wrote this post. Just had a feeling in my head. Didn’t want the universal thief to steal it away. So penned it down. Irrespective of what sense this makes, I have managed to keep my moment with me. I feel happy, feel relieved that I could finish this.

But I feel sad for Humpty. But more than being sad, I would like to do something for Humpty.

Can anyone suggest what I can do?

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