Wanderer and the accusation of faking reality!

Days rolled on since my return to Delhi. The New Year ’s Eve celebrated in a quieter fashion with my closest friends. No dramatic night out, no living off the brew, no obnoxious headache the next morning. Just two Tequila shots to farewell the year that has been a life changing one for me. I […]

Wanderer and the touchdown in Delhi

Standing in the queue to collect my boarding pass, I look at the watch and it is 7:50 p.m. and my flight departs at 8:30 p.m. I was running slightly late. On reaching the boarding pass counter, I am told that unlike the Delhi airport, I need to get my baggage scanned at a different […]

Wanderer and the dance of zero gravity

I somehow managed to move away from that spot. It felt as if someone was pulling me away by my hand and I kept staring at Radha. Like a child mesmerized in front of a Candy store and his mother dragging him to move. But here there was no one. Still I felt as I […]

Wanderer and the sight of my glorious Radha!

I woke up bright and fresh to the morning chirping of birds. For the first time in my trip, I had woken up in the middle of a jungle, in a cottage of course. On an earlier day I had woken up on the rocky beach, then in a hotel room. Waking up to a […]

Wanderer and the Radha Rake!

Feeling like a gush of wind, I flowed towards the jungle on my scooter. The Wanderer sitting pillion and was making operatic sounds to mock me. I kept focusing on the greens around. It was a jungle damn it. Tropical trees lined on both sides, the cool sea morning breeze with scent of the Parijathak […]

Wanderer’s colossal revelation of the jerk divine!

I drove the scooter into the jungle lanes to the Italian bakery that I visited yesterday. Ordered ginger bread and a jar of hot honey ginger tea and got a seat in the open lawns. Surrounded by flowers and the chirping of the morning birds, it seemed as the ideal setting for a detailed interrogation […]

Wanderer and the dream of perfect happiness!

Sleep well. That’s what the Wanderer told me. “Tomorrow we start our little search. We head out for searching Radha. Sleep well tonight.”I must confess I didn’t want to sleep last night. Not a minute that night. I wanted to feel every moment that was passing by. Not lose it to sleep. I believed it […]

Wanderer and the Dhwani!

It is around noon. Day two in Pondicherry. My body still cranky from the night spent at the beach. A few abrasions on my back, my neck extremely itchy, head a bit heavy. I head out of my hotel, with my usual gear, by small back bag with my writing pad, the book I was […]

Wanderer and the essence of the universe

Someone patted me on my shoulder… “Sir, we have landed in Chennai.” I woke up feeling a little weird. The airhostess was smiling at me. I unbuckled the seat best and picked up my hand baggage. The wanderer was not around, hew was gone as expected. I was not doubting what had transpired. The rhythm […]

Wanderer and the saucerful of magical absurdities

With the boarding pass in my hand, I alight the shuttle bus to the aircraft… edgy, eager and looking forward to my trip to Pondicherry. Since yesterday evening I have been feeling a pounding void inside of me. A deep longing… something gnawing at my core. The news channels were abuzz with Pondicherry bring in […]

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