Wanderer and the essence of the universe

Someone patted me on my shoulder… “Sir, we have landed in Chennai.” I woke up feeling a little weird. The airhostess was smiling at me. I unbuckled the seat best and picked up my hand baggage. The wanderer was not around, hew was gone as expected. I was not doubting what had transpired. The rhythm […]

Wanderer and the saucerful of magical absurdities

With the boarding pass in my hand, I alight the shuttle bus to the aircraft… edgy, eager and looking forward to my trip to Pondicherry. Since yesterday evening I have been feeling a pounding void inside of me. A deep longing… something gnawing at my core. The news channels were abuzz with Pondicherry bring in […]

Wanderer – beyond the pale blue dot

After reading the letter from the Wanderer, I was all set to meet the Wanderer’s friend at the café. I believed without doubt that I will find him sitting on the same red wood table where I had the two encounters. I folded the letter into my blazer pocket and headed out. I was back […]

Letter from the wanderer

After meeting two forces of nature, the wanderer and his friend, over two different encounters, I was ready for more. I knew my next meeting will be with the wanderer’s friend. I was all geared up, packed in my questions, neatly rested my mind, was all happy. Just then the door bell rang, my mom […]

Seeking the wanderer… God Gene

(Suggested pre-read Wanderer) I have been wandering ever since. The encounter with the ageless wanderer had left me muzzled up. All I could do all these while was howl and scream and run the last words the he left me with in my heart. “My love train stops at no station, no passengers abode, just […]


Off late I have been making wandering visits to coffee shops, pubs, old world shopping arcades like Connaught Place and even to weekend flea markets. Not for fun or recreation, but to find pieces of life I had lost. Moments that now seem too distant to be real, yet so real to be close. I […]


Humpty Dumpty spat on the wall, Finding what we miss in every call, The wall answered before the mighty fall, When you stand together, you stand tall. Humpty Dumpty disagreed and had a brawl, They no longer played together with the ball. Let us take an off the tangent view at everyday things. Let us […]


The worst conflict you can have is with your own self, your own thoughts. I do not wish to sound abstract or elusive. I am at want for the right expressions and words. I find myself struggling today. The human in me is fighting hard with the storyteller. The fight to feel instead of weave, […]

Gulaal, an afterthought!

I watched Gulaal and could not stop short of penning my afterthoughts.–Balaji IyerGulaal is a raging mix of small town fallacies, vicious power struggle, relentless focus towards disillusioning motifs of values, and run towards self preservation. Nepotism driving people to man slaughter, to death. The movie is a hydra headed, multifarious war cry towards youth’s […]

Welcome to Dhwanii

Welcome all who care to stop by and read through these lines.Through this blog, I wish to share my mindspace with the world at large.I hope, truly indeed, that some of my thoughts will be loved, enjoyed, challenged, criticised, and to an extend understood and accepted. Welcome once again, and do tell me how you […]

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