Random thought or a greater meaning?

Ever since some sense got instilled into my mind, I have always believed that there is a greater purpose to our existence. Something larger than what we are able to see through the fog of everyday mundane, hustle-bustle, stress, anticipation, eagerness, highs and lows. A greater meaning to life—something that has remained unchanged like a […]

Rise of Man or Fall of God?

Did they rise as men? Or did they fall as Gods? The question keeps propping up in mind every once in a while. I must confess I do have my view on this. However, it is not a rooted viewpoint; it has moments of doubts, alternate views, reasons and dilemmas. All that is I can […]

Life by the temples

In August, I was traveling down south—Kumbakonam in Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu to be precise. The place was a breathing paradise with the rains turning the usually arid and ochre land into wet and lush green expanse. I have never seen this place like this. So pleasing to the eye it was that I […]


The worst conflict you can have is with your own self, your own thoughts. I do not wish to sound abstract or elusive. I am at want for the right expressions and words. I find myself struggling today. The human in me is fighting hard with the storyteller. The fight to feel instead of weave, […]

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