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Contact Us at Dhwanii,comHello! Thanks for stopping by at We can collaborate! Drop in your inputs, suggestions, queries, feedback or collaboration requests.

Happy to support social causes. Especially in and around Bangalore (that’s where I live currently).

Causes I care about are: building a more human world, elder care, education, animal welfare and rescue, green and sustainable living, health and nutrition, etc.

How can I help?

I can help with social causes around the following aspects:

  • web content and social media strategy
  • cross-cultural collaboration solutions
  • project management
  • speaking at large forum on topics around
    • humanism,
    • importance of creating shared value,
    • content and social aspects,
    • collaboration, new age tech disruptions,
    • animal welfare, elder care, etc.

Languages proficiency:

  • English (Read, Write, Speak – very well)
  • Hindi (Read, write, speak)
  • Tamil (Speak)

Can understand emotions and verbal ques 🙂 Would love to do my part.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to getting a list of causes I had supported in the past.


Balaji S. Iyer

Chief Blogger @

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