Find your mojo, find your Dhwanii

Dhwanii Dhwani Balaji Iyer Blog Lifestyle Blogger Travel Health HappinessWe live in a time of unprecedented change. We are a generation in transition.  We are programmed to seek happiness.

I am creating intentional space for happiness and a full life across four quadrants of well being: physical, mental, social and spiritual. I am on a mission to lead a life of experience, experiment and energy.

Through this platform, I aim to share my ongoing process of lifestyle design and outcomes and unpack processes of interesting people who I admire or am intrigued by.

I truly hope to inspire and ignite a spark in you to design a life that you want to live, and live it. And sincerely believe that we can through a collective of positives, make escalating shifts to life of meaning, inspiration and happiness.

Dhwanii in Hindi, Sound in English, Oli in Tamil, Schall in German, Sonore in French, Gesond in Afrikaans, Saundo in Japanese,  Sonar in Spanish, Shēngyīn in Mandarin… You my friends can help add to this. What is Dhwanii called in your language?©

Chief Blogger, Balaji S. Iyer is evolving…

While I have enjoyed sharing my travel stories with the world so far. It is time to spread my wings and express my whole self. The overarching theme is going to be happiness and how to design, experience and learn from a fuller and richer life. I look forward to your encouragement, partnership and love as venture into happiness. Stay tuned!

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