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There is love that binds us all
There is love that binds us all

I am Balaji Iyer. Not in a hurry, at peace and curious. I bring you, www.dhwanii.com, the sounds of travel to near and far away places, sounds of different cultures, of music and people’s lore, sounds of culinary adventures, of literary words and poems, et all.

More about me: Love reading, writing, travelling, running, talking, sitting quietly, being around people, being by myself, love cooking and feeding others, exploring our past, imagining the future, steady love affair with rock music, it is complicated with Hindi film music, cannot decide if I love the seas or the mountains, hate driving, love being driven around, nifty with words, thrifty with the world, proud of my green thumb, green living enthusiast, animal lover, big on compassion and low on validation, like to be good at what I do, fuzzy, can see your side of the story, fine asking for help, eager to help others, overall at ease. Happy and I know it.

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