Events, episodes and eras end. What remains is residue. The clutter at the end of the gig. The after thoughts. The unconsumed. The irrelevant. The un-burnt bones among the ashes. The mirages and flashes from memories. The haunting waves of sounds. The unending and infinite darkness. The charred gates of possibilities. The mummified effigies of […]

Delhi comes alive, shines a glimmer of hope!

This write-up is not about the famous cricket world cup win. It is about how my city responded to the win. It is about how the response to the win delivers an underlying hope that the city is not lost to callousness. I along with my friends decided to move towards India Gate after the […]

Emotional poverty: the phantom issue

We constantly hear people, politicians, intellectual-jerk-offs, diplomats, students et all, talking about poverty in our country. While all of them talk about economic poverty, seldom does anyone pay attention to the emotional poverty our country is saddled with. For a country with a billion strong, emotional deprivation and poverty is far more a serious issue […]

Random thought or a greater meaning?

Ever since some sense got instilled into my mind, I have always believed that there is a greater purpose to our existence. Something larger than what we are able to see through the fog of everyday mundane, hustle-bustle, stress, anticipation, eagerness, highs and lows. A greater meaning to life—something that has remained unchanged like a […]

Rise of Man or Fall of God?

Did they rise as men? Or did they fall as Gods? The question keeps propping up in mind every once in a while. I must confess I do have my view on this. However, it is not a rooted viewpoint; it has moments of doubts, alternate views, reasons and dilemmas. All that is I can […]

Life by the temples

In August, I was traveling down south—Kumbakonam in Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu to be precise. The place was a breathing paradise with the rains turning the usually arid and ochre land into wet and lush green expanse. I have never seen this place like this. So pleasing to the eye it was that I […]


The worst conflict you can have is with your own self, your own thoughts. I do not wish to sound abstract or elusive. I am at want for the right expressions and words. I find myself struggling today. The human in me is fighting hard with the storyteller. The fight to feel instead of weave, […]

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