Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (4 of 5)

Kedarkantha summit day! Kedarkantha beckons. Woken up at 2:30 AM by Kuldeep Rana. In the pitch dark, under the grace of our head lamps we got ready. Changed all the layers, got ready for the freezing chill outside. We had super early breakfast of, noodles, pasta, soup and chai at 3:00 a.m. We could only […]

Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (3 of 5)

The beautiful morning in Sankri,   Woke up early at 5:00 a.m. Waiting for the innkeeper to turn on the solar geyser so that we can take bath in warm water before we get going. This is going to be the last bath at least for next five days. We need to get used to […]

Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (2 of 5)

Starting our journey to Sankri, an early morning at Dehradun Railway Station We walked to Dehradun Railway Station parking before the sun could come up. There was nip in the air and excitement in our hearts. With our backpacks and trolleys, we made our way through the narrow gullies, uneven and potholed roads to the […]

Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (1 of 5)

The Long awaited trek begins (19 Dec 2016) At the Bangalore airport… slowly recovering from a stress attack after realizing that I had forgotten my jackets–not one but two of the out layers that are supposed to keep me warm during the cold Himalayan trek. After an hour of fighting and struggling with stress chemicals, […]

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