Find your mojo, find your Dhwanii

Every step and every mile that you venture outward is an opportunity to explore the wilderness within. Unclog from the routine of the static called daily life. Travel!Let your itchy feet take you places. Climb the highest of Himalayan peaks. Wander through wide open meadows.  Go dipping in the seas. Snake through the narrow streets of strange cities. Eat that amazing street food. Strike a conversation with strangers. Travel across our magnificent India. Travel the seven continents.

Find your mojo, find your Dhwanii.

Read about my travels. Solo, Couple or Group. I do it all.

India  travel diaries:

If you are exploring India, please spend some time reading my travel experiences – through words, photographs and videos. India is a cosmos unto itself. A land of vibrancy, diversity, pluralism and interesting contradictions. I have travelled across the Indian states of Delhi (lived for over 30 years), Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu (nativity), Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka (living in Bangalore now), Odisha, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir. I am at play to bring you all my travel stories here.

International travel diaries 

  • U.S.A: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Cleveland, New York and New Jersey
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Katoomba
  • Thailand: Krabi Islands

The list of travel grows with each passing day. I am at play to share all the stories with you.

Life Reflections

While I juggle my life in Bangalore with my wonderful family and friends, my amazing day job and my frequent travels; I do pause once in awhile to reflect on my experiences with fellow human beings, mother nature and triviality and profoundness of life. Do spend some time reading through my reflections. Do share your wisdom with me and others by sharing comments or reaching out to me directly.


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