Year-end Note 2021, Rediscovering Life

2021 has been a soul-wrenching year for a variety of reasons. I bet I am not alone in feeling this way. Ironically, it has also been an emotionally fulfilling and spiritually enriching one for me. Starting the year with a 10000% focus on caregiving for my ailing (and now) late father. To see him pass […]

Intentions for the next 10

My intention for the next 10 years is to positively impact the lives of one million people (by the time I am 50 years of age). This year, 2021, has been quite a ride so far. From deep personal loss to a deep realization of what is of existential meaning and what is just in […]


Appa passed away on 26th January 2021. He was 79. In the last month of his life, he required frequent hospitalizations and sustained care. Within that period, in his company, I experienced so many emotions. From heart-wrenching episodes to moments of deep bonding that bring true meaning to a lifetime of togetherness to moments of […]

Weekend Getaway to Chikamagalur

Very few experiences commandeer the human spirit like walking through a forest during rains. Every nook and corner is teaming with life, colors, sounds, fragrance and an intangible verve. It is about four years I have relocated to Bangalore and have never had an opportunity to visit Chikmagalur. An idyllic town at the foothills of […]

Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (4 of 5)

Kedarkantha summit day! Kedarkantha beckons. Woken up at 2:30 AM by Kuldeep Rana. In the pitch dark, under the grace of our head lamps we got ready. Changed all the layers, got ready for the freezing chill outside. We had super early breakfast of, noodles, pasta, soup and chai at 3:00 a.m. We could only […]

Kedarkantha Trek – A Himalayan Adventure (1 of 5)

The Long awaited trek begins (19 Dec 2016) At the Bangalore airport… slowly recovering from a stress attack after realizing that I had forgotten my jackets–not one but two of the out layers that are supposed to keep me warm during the cold Himalayan trek. After an hour of fighting and struggling with stress chemicals, […]

Wanderer and the dance of zero gravity

I somehow managed to move away from that spot. It felt as if someone was pulling me away by my hand and I kept staring at Radha. Like a child mesmerized in front of a Candy store and his mother dragging him to move. But here there was no one. Still I felt as I […]

Landour moorings!

  The wild deodars, for ages, stand, the night and few twinkling stars, One heart, one sight, the lights below in the valley’s lap, Seem like the sky n’earth, stand inverted, a simple thought, we all forgot, But hills, they bring forth, all, all that was once heightened in us.

Wanderer and the accusation of faking reality!

Days rolled on since my return to Delhi. The New Year ’s Eve celebrated in a quieter fashion with my closest friends. No dramatic night out, no living off the brew, no obnoxious headache the next morning. Just two Tequila shots to farewell the year that has been a life changing one for me. I […]

Wanderer and the touchdown in Delhi

Standing in the queue to collect my boarding pass, I look at the watch and it is 7:50 p.m. and my flight departs at 8:30 p.m. I was running slightly late. On reaching the boarding pass counter, I am told that unlike the Delhi airport, I need to get my baggage scanned at a different […]

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